Staritsky & Levitsky is the world’s first authentic Ukrainian Super-Premium vodka. Staritsky stands for the creative and cultural heart and Levitsky stands for the optimistic innovator. Together they represent all the good Ukraine has to offer!


Vodka finds its origins in Ukraine, the granary of Europe. The process of making great vodka is part of Ukraine’s diverse culture and rich history. Vodka originates from Ukraine, the granary of Europe, the process of making good vodka is part of the diverse culture and rich history of the country. Ukraine is known as the best vodka-producing country. Vodka is always present when people make personal contacts and develop new relationships. Ukraine has always been renowned for its high quality vodka, which was produced in small quantities by family-run distilleries using the finest locally, sourced ingredients. This traditional process of distilling and vodka preparation has been kept alive through the introduction of Staritsky & Levitsky reserve vodka, the world’s first Ukranian super-premium vodka.


Staritsky & Levitsky is an exclusive brand that is available on a limited base because of the exceptional and personalized care that goes into the creation of each bottle. The vodka is distilled five times in small batches at a traditional distillery in the city of Lviv. Once the vodka is ready, every bottle is hand-corked and hand-decorated to ensure that the vodka is at it’s best.